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Subject: Hope for Immanence and Transcendence
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 02:14:03 -0400

One day there was hope beside war. This was Immanence and Transcendence side 
by side Venus and Mars. Apart from what the below indicates there are 
similar groups operating each summer in the United States with groups who 
sponsor members of both communities and in fact one can call them mixed 
doubles -- transcendent immanences and immanent transcendent(s). Take your 
pick of crosses, double-crosses, and cross-overs. Between each Pole of the 
Unconscious, another Cross whereby the line of flight escapes, is 
territoried, reterritoried and deterritoried. Clearly God was the first 
territory grabber, and was already reterritorying what did not belong to 
'him.' In any case, as Jack Kerouac said, (in one of his poems) 'In any 
case, the moon.'

Not wishing to be a sentimentalist or to promote such a state I leave the 
materials for yer perusals.

Scroll and scribe in space

Press Release

News Flashes ¢ Givat Haviva ¢ July 2001

1. The Jewish-Arab Center for Peace Northern Branch in Nahariya organized a
conference in Sakhnin on the subject of Difficulties in Education for 
Coexistence and
Peace in the Current Period, in?cooperation with the Meimad Moderate 
Movement and the hosts, the Municipality of Sakhnin, which was very well 
Speakers included Prof. Gabi?Salomon, Recipient of this year's Israel Prize 
Education, Rabbi Yehuda Gilad of Meimad, Sheikh Mohammad Dahamshe from the
Islamic Movement and Salem Jubran of Givat Haviva. The audience included 
dozens of
Jewish residents of communities neighboring Sakhnin, who participated in the
discussion sparked by the speakers. The conference was emceed by Gazal Abu 

2.A delegation of about 50 Israeli youth ; Jews and Arabs, Palestinians and 
participated in a seminar for young journalists that was held in Denmark, 
hosted by the
Danish supporters of this project, for the third consecutive year. The 
youngsters will
become a part of the staff of the joint youth newspaper, Crossing Borders, 
of which
Givat Haviva is the leading partner. Editor of the paper, Shimon Malka, and 
Olga Paz escorted the group on behalf of the Jewish-Arab Center for Peace. 
At the end
of two weeks of studies, workshops, tours and writing, the youth produced a 
new issue
(Volume 2 Number 9) of the newspaper, which has already earned itself an 
place in high schools in Israel, Palestine and Jordan.  Copies are available 
at request.

3.A delegation of members of the German Bundestag (Parliament) and leaders 
of the
Friedrich Ebert Foundation visited the Jewish-Arab Center for Peace at Givat 
Haviva, to
see at first hand the community and educational activity which has been 
supported by the
Ebert Foundation and the German government for many years. Riad Kabha, 
of the Jewish-Arab Center for Peace, hosted the delegation at his home, 
after which they
met with teachers and pupils at the Center for a discussion of the 
challenges which face
us during the current period.

4. The photography exhibit "Through Other's Eyes" opened at the Peace 
Gallery at Givat
Haviva, the culmination of a unique photography project by Givat Haviva's 
Arts Center
participated in by Arab and Jewish youth from the Wadi Ara region over the 
course of an
entire year, supported by Swiss Friends of Givat Haviva. Members of Knesset 
Heads of Local Councils from the region spoke at the opening ceremony. The 
delegation also attended the ceremony.

5.A group of about 50 Jewish tenth graders from all over the country, who 
excelled in
study of the Arabic language, participated in a ten-day intensive course at 
Givat Haviva.
The course especially stressed studies of the spoken language and learning 
Arabic society and culture. The course was held with the aim of encouraging 
the pupils to
continue studying Arabic through twelfth grade. At the end of the course it 
was indeed
discovered that the vast majority of the participants decided to choose 
Arabic study for
Bagrut (matriculation) examination.

6. The "Peace Triangle" project, a joint venture of the Jewish Community in 
San Diego,
California, the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council and Bedouin villages in the 
directed by Mohammad Darawshe, Director of Public Relations of Givat Haviva, 
is now
in its culminating stages. Approximately forty youth from the three groups 
participating in the project, in which they learn about each other's culture 
and create
groups of leadership for peace. The youth will be leaving in today for a 
one-week tour in
Spain, during which they will learn about the life of Jews and Moslems 
together during
the Golden Ages. Afterwards they will tour Israel together and undergo an 
seminar at Givat Haviva. At the end of the program, the participants will 
plan the
establishment of a joint project in the Negev, with the hope of having 
Palestinian youth
from Gaza join in when the situation will allow. The program is funded by 
the Gary and
Jerri-Ann Jacobs International Teen Leadership Institute.

7. Despite many cancellations by tourists and visitors to Israel, the 
Department of Givat Haviva has its hands full. Groups of youth and adults 
from the United
States and from European countries arrive every week for study seminars on
Jewish-Arab relations and on the Kibbutz.

8. As every summer during school vacation, Givat Haviva is filled with the 
sounds of
musical instruments, singing, dancing and artistic creativity. In the ¢Mata" 
for?Youth program of the Community Center Association) summer camps, youth
interested in the arts are all over the Givat Haviva campus and fill every 
corner with the
joy of young creativity.

9. "Women in Community" is one of the programs run by the "Department of 
Women and Gender"
issues in Givat Haviva.
This program is mainly a training for social workers on the different issues 
of Women and Gender.
There are two main goals for that program :
A. personal empowerment of the participants
B. planning and implementation of programs for women in the communities the 
participants come

Social workers and women from the community of Kfar Yona did participate in 
the training in Givat
haviva for the past two years. One of the projects that they have been 
implementing during the past
year is a "Women Community Theater". Women from different backgrounds, all 
living in kfar Yona,
have been participating at the activities of the "theater".  On wednesday 
the 1st of august, they will be
playing the theater play that they have been written following their 
participation at the activities. All the
issues that will be brought up during the play are issues that were brought 
up and processed by the
participants during the year. The play will take place on the 1st of august 
at the "matnas" of Kfar
Yona at 20.00.


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