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Subject: Re: Umberto Eco - new middle ages
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 23:46:19 +0100

Hi Santiago,
I believe that is in Faith in Fakes/Travels in Hyperreality.
I have it in a 1995 Minerva edition as 'The Return of The Middle Ages' p59,
'Dreaming of the Middles Ages' p61 and 'Living in the New Middles Ages' p73.
Hope this is helpful,
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From: santiago villaveces <>
Date: 22 July 2001 22:08
Subject: Umberto Eco - new middle ages

Dear list members,
does anybody have the reference of an essay? book? by umberto eco in
which he discusses the contemporary condition as the new middle ages..
Thank you much!
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