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Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 11:57:28 -0400
Subject: Essays on college education

Dear List,

Although this question is not strictly "post-colonial," I'm hopeful
folks might still be willing to help me out.  I'm putting together a
composition class and would like to include essays on "critical
thinking" in relation to typical college undergraduate course work.  I'm
thinking of essays like Paulo Freire's "The Banking Concept of
Education."  Do list-members have similar suggestions that I might
investigate?  As I remember, Wayne Booth had a widely anthologized essay
on this subject, but I can't recall the exact title (?).  Anyhow, essays
that have some bite and edge would be great.  I don't want anything
preachy, obviously...

Many thanks!
Lou Caton, Westfield State College

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