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Subject: CFP: _New Perspectives on Samskara_
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 08:31:06 -0500


Papers are invited for a collection of new essays on Anantha Murthy's
_Samskara_ scheduled for publication in early 2003.

U.R.Anantha Murthy's _Samskar : A Rite for a Dead Man_ is a classic Indian
text that has received world wide acclaim. This work has been made into a
successful and sensitive film some years back. Besides being translated into
many languages, the work is included in India Studies Programs  in
university curriculums across the world. However, critical material on the
text is very scanty that creates problem for students and scholars in
appreciating the text comprehensively.

Some possible approaches/directions:

1) Questions of colonialism and modernity
2) Caste and gender
3) Sexuality
4) Translation (Tamil to English and other languages)
5) Film and literature
6) Brahminical thought
7) Samskara in the context of Indian literatures
8) Cultural Studies
9) Other critical approaches--psychoanalytical, Feminist, deconstructive,
etc.--to the text are also welcome.

                        Deadline:  November, ,2002

Contributors are requested to send in their articles by 30 November, 2002
with a hard copy  of the article accompanied by a floppy disk. For further
details, please contact:

Prof.K.C.Baral                           Prof.D.Venkat Rao
Director,CIEFL                           Department of English
NE Campus                                CIEFL
Nongthymmai                              Hyderabad-500007
Shillong - 793014

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