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Subject: Re: Canadian / African Anglican Church Issues
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2003 20:39:47 -0600

Dear Steve,
If you have access to Interlibrary Loan you ought to be able to get the 
article from Theology and Sexuality, a UK journal. If you don't I can xerox 
a copy and send it.

Dr. Mary Keller, Ph. D.
Independent Researcher
1025 Cody Ave.
Cody, WY 82414
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>From: Steve Black <>
>Subject: Re: Canadian / African Anglican Church Issues
>Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 14:51:56 -0700
>Is this paper available? It sounds very interesting - and helpful. I am an 
>active part of the "offending" Diocese in Canada - and it sounds like you 
>have articulated  some of the complexities of the modern church.
>>Dear Steve,
>>Jeremy Carrette and I wrote an article about this issue, focusing on an 
>>event that happened between a Nigerian Bishop and a gay rights activist in 
>>the U.K. at the 1998 Lambeth Conference entitled: Religions, Orientation 
>>and Critical Theory: Race, Gender and Sexuality at the 1998 Lambeth 
>>Conference" in Theology and Sexuality 11, 1999, 21-43. We approached the 
>>situation using postcolonial theory as developed in history of religions.  
>>The event was the media coverage of an encounter between the Rt. Revd 
>>Emmanuel Chkwuma, Bishop of Enugu, Nigeria and Revd Richard Kirker, from 
>>the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement. Bishop Chukwuma attempted to 
>>exorcise the demons from Kirker.  In our intro we wrote:
>>"The confrontation not only exposed the distance between the Church of the 
>>South  and the North (as the Anglican church has come to describe its 
>>current demographical spread) but also brought to a head a whole series of 
>>complex power relations and the discourses of oppression in which 
>>religious lives are inescapbly involved, In this single enoucnter issues 
>>of race, gender, colonial history and sexual practice became fused 
>>together in a difficult power struggle. A postmodern Western Christianity, 
>>informed by gay Christian activism, faced a Nigerian Christianity with a 
>>modernist homophobia that was fused with a Nigerian possession tradition. 
>>THis situation raises a series of questions regarding how we as scholars 
>>of religion are to understand the comlexity of such interactions, let 
>>alone to articulate a critical evaluation" (21-22).
>>We used the work of Charles Long, Talal Asad, Catherine Bell, and 
>>Catherine Albanese as we built an approach for thinking about embodied 
>>desires and religious lives at the intersection of North/South Anglican 
>>Dr. Mary Keller, Ph. D.
>>Independent Researcher
>>1025 Cody Ave.
>>Cody, WY 82414
>>ph/fax 307 587 5312
>>>From: Steve Black <>
>>>Subject: Canadian / African Anglican Church Issues
>>>Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 11:21:05 -0700
>>>I am interested in any thoughts - especially relating to the claims of  
>>>the African Bishop that blessing same-sex unions in the North represents 
>>>an act of "imperialism".
>>>From: "Anglican Communion News Service" <>
>>>ACNS 3455     |     NIGERIA     |     2 JUNE 2003
>>>Church of Nigeria cuts ties with the Diocese of New Westminster
>>>The Church of Nigeria has issued a statement expressing deep sadness with
>>>the recent decision taken by the Diocese of New Westminster, Canada, to
>>>officially sanction same-sex union.
>>>In light of the news that the diocese conducted the first same-sex 
>>>using an authorised public rite on Wednesday 28 May, the Primate of 
>>>the Most Revd Peter Akinola, said, "Regrettably, the much desired 
>>>that will ease the strain on our Communion has been jettisoned. 
>>>failure to ensure strict compliance with resolutions duly passed at our
>>>meetings clearly shows that Bishop [Michael] Ingham and his diocese see 
>>>value in being accountable to anybody."
>>>In addition, Archbishop Akinola referred to a statement that he issued at
>>>the ACC-12 meeting in Hong Kong on 25 September 2002, saying:
>>>"While I appreciate that the New Westminster diocese and the Church of
>>>Canada may not be, in numerical terms, especially large ecclesia bodies, 
>>>value them as dearly as we value all our partner Provinces. We have a
>>>growing fear for the sense of loss which any sustained departure by them
>>>from our common path and mind must risk. We urge and pray that reflection
>>>will lead to reconsideration. It is hard indeed to see any action, which
>>>threatens our Communion to be justified as a "local mission priority.
>>>"But there is also a further context of which I must speak, painful 
>>>it is. Many of us from the two-thirds world feel that the global north 
>>>seeks to retain its disproportionate power and influence in our Church 
>>>as in the world. It is significant that those dioceses most tempted to
>>>indulge themselves with unilateral actions, taken without consulting the
>>>wider Communion, seem so often to be among those materially most 
>>>and to be in the global north. Should this not occasion reflection? Do we
>>>not see here, in the ready assertion of superior wisdom, a new 
>>>The Archbishop of Nigeria, representing 17 million Anglicans in Nigeria
>>>spread over 80 dioceses, has stated that "it is this flagrant disregard 
>>>the Anglican Communion and what the vast majority of it stand for [and as 
>>>consequence] that has made it inevitable for the Province to severe
>>>communion with Bishop Ingham and the diocese of New Westminster."
>>>ACNSlist, published by Anglican Communion News Service, London, is
>>>distributed to more than 6,000 journalists and other readers around
>>>the world.  For subscription information please go to:
>>>Steve Black
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