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Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 19:56:00 +0100 (BST)
Subject: RE: dear one (song of snow)

my darling i am so happy u sent me this Anti White Poem. It makes me want to make love with you! I am so filled with Joy knowing the Empire shall collapse if Enuff of Us collApse it From WiThin that
GrAmmar and the rest of the fascist organs
are part
of white empire
as for me I am only
and sexy
and a 
plaything of herstory as she unfolds
thy name is 
Counter Memory and 
Aunty! Empress!!!
Oh Giddy Goddess!!!
yer lover Schiz!!
yes it getssssssssss me even as I sit here !!!

anita rattan <> wrote:

My dearest lover
Feeling lonely?!

DOnt get disappointed . Our love is going to continue!

You told me that you are doing phd in poetics. As mark of apology from both, 
i am sending a poem written by me some eleven years ago, which is 
apporpriate to the demands of the postcolonial list!

I wrote this poem when i was in the midst of intense psychoanlaysis and 
often i wrote poetry and sent it to my psychoanalyst. Well, this one is also 
one of those i sent to him. Hoepefully he read them!

SOng OF the Snow

Snow is falling outside

WHite culture has looked
too long
deep into the labrynths
of the Great Mirror

Centuries of buried snow
since ice age
melted down within the interstitial spaces
of an imaginary body..............

The body whose vast geographical anatomy
has been traversed
into several written journeys made by the white man,
whose texture_its great civilisations
consumed into a representational space
for the white mans exotic gaze..............


continued to aviscerate the body
buried under the skyscrapers
and while the sea weed was expanding in black sea
the thick black smoke covered the skies over west

Yet the snow continued to fall..........

and the counterimages of the body
that has entered into an infinite process of fragmentation
is till feeding someone elses children
with all its flesh and blood................

The thick black sky has become heavier and
is moving closer to the earth...............

centuries have transformed the word into an ultrasonic image
The word
without which
law doesnt function
earth does not speak
river does not flow

The laws of speech which sing the songs of the body
remained in oblivion
to the slaves

Snow is still falling........

for there is no significance of time
in the singular signifying space of the west.

Therefore, the historical amnesia


The accumulation and consumption of the desired objects
has put to sleep
the human memory...............

In the vast spaces
of the Great continents
millions of bodies accumulate


the debris of technology

in the west.......

Silence has also filled
these skeletol bodies which havent seen food in their own time
whose sadness cannot pass through the dense surfaced leaves of
the trees of the great forests
whose songs no longer echo the foamy waves of the vast oceans
for the pieces of bread to fall in their mouths........

white culture has looked too long
deep into the labyrinths of the Great Mirror.......

SNow is falling on the greater side of this assymetric world

Death is singing its song
on the other side of it..................

My dear lover, this poem is dedictaed to you as wll as the other 

Anita Rattan
Musvaagevej 6, 2tv
DK-8210 Aarhus - V
Phone: +45 86164081

From: Maldoror 
Subject: RE: dear one
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 10:25:39 -0700 (PDT)

ahahaha, take it offlist? are you kidding? they think
they're cool and openminded by doing these trivial
little displays of affection for one another. and
those who find it clogging are closeminded and
ignorant because they're taking discourse to new
unseen levels into the aether of their new age

personally, i think they're dragging the integrity of
the list down but to me that's fine, but in all
honesty given the level of interesting discourse on
this list i think it was going down before eldorra
starting babbling her
'feel-sorry-for-me-i'm-depressed' rants. nevertheless
i'm fine dealing in the gutter. i find it fun to
chastise their pointlessness and given that no one is
kicking them off due to their blatant ignoring of
numerous ppl complaining of which i am only one (no
not One as in, dear One, whatever that new-age 'i'm so
spiritual crap is'), it would seem i have plenty of
target practice.



--- "Hock, Zarina" wrote:
> Please, please--do you think you might talk
> off-list? This adolescent attempt to shock and/or
> subvert just isn't working. But what the heck--I
> survived my son's teenage years, so I guess I'll
> survive this, too.
> --Zarina Hock
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> Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2003 8:33 AM
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> Subject: Re: dear one
> My dearest unknown lover
> we are already in the middle of a discourse we have
> created through our
> love!
> You can kiss me if you like!
> Anita Rattan
> Musvaagevej 6, 2tv
> DK-8210 Aarhus - V
> Denmark
> Phone: +45 86164081

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