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Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 01:33:57 EDT
Subject: Re: dear one (or the mystery of eldorra)

Single Mother.

What to do in this capitalist society?
I can't keep up with sobriety....
I want to hide and wait for it all to pass.

But, my baby cries and I need to surpass....
The pain, and move with strength ... so that I may remain,

When I have a break I question..
How did it come to this?
What happened to Love and simple living, 
culture and family sharing?

Now I am trying to keep up.
Fast city, night lights.....
Late nights ... of pondering,
early morning wake ups ... so that I can face the day once again,

I try to hide that I am weak,
that I am lost,
that I am ethnic,
that there is a soul,
a spiritual side....

Why can't I be like the women in the pictures?
Weaving baskets and braiding hair.
Sharing with the big family…?
Instead it's just me and my little boy.

We will make it I say!
Because I will work each day,
keep up with 
car note, 
and all the needs that make me a part of this system......
The system that I am living.....
Me and my little boy.....
The great big system, which promises freedom ... and individuality!!!!!

So individual that now we lost sense of family.

By Roxana Huete
June 25, 2003
copy right to Roxana Huete

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