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Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 07:07:26 -0500
Subject: reviewing posts...

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====>Is this Eldorra again???

I was wondering the same thing, although I can't remember the name of 
the posters who seemed to hold this list hostage a while with off-topic, 
some might say, solipsistic tirades. Radhika did a fantastic job of 
stepping in and getting the list back on track; unfortunately, that meant 
more work for her, since every post had to be reviewed. If these posters 
continue to misappropriate media (one might use a blog, for instance, 
rather than an email list), perhaps setting these posters to review or 
asking them to find more suitable lists might be a solution? The last time 
a completely inappropriate exchange took place, I was willing to be silent 
and to consider just leaving the list; I was fairly new to the list and didn't 
know if I'd get any good information, since the list was dominated by the 
off-topic conversation. Since the list has been on track, I've gotten 
excellent information and I'm not willing to give up that up. Thanks to 
Radhika and any other list-owners/moderators for attending to this matter. 
And I'm writing to the list rather than just to Radhika since I think this is 
community matter.

Sandra D. Shattuck, Ph.D.                            
Dept. of English, Foreign Languages &
Alabama A&M University : :

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