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Subject: Re: reviewing posts...
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2003 15:23:01 +0800

are any of you on the D&G list? i think duffy's comments on this list seem
to be a part of a conversation that is going on there. esp. the prosopopoeia

in some respects duffy could be interpreted (as is perhaps intended) as a
bit of fun that challenges our seriousness within academia. his/her
quickness to respond to the 'manly voice' question certainly reminded me of
that. furthermore, i believe that if the comments of duffy have to be
addressed, we should also address the lengthiness of non-productive, and
personal arguments like the one that was just fought out over hiphop music.

so, should there be a reviewing of the posts? or a reviewing of the nature
of the posts that we put up, and some effort on the part of individuals to
review their own posts. that done perhaps duffy will tell us what he/she
really thinks, because i am not so sure that the anarchist is so silly.

just a thought.

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