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Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2003 07:16:15 -0400
Subject: list concerns and active moderation

Hi all,

the recent exchange has convinced me - based on the majority who spoke up 
on-list (including our multiple personalities who decided to work their 
charm on us again during the  exchange) - I am now actively moderating. You 
will now receive the messages once or 2ce (or more) a day as long as I am 
on my own work and home computers (wherever I am geographically)  - and 
when not, perhaps there will be delays - so I thank you for your patience 
in those instances.

Those who chose to read this as "control freak" or that I have nothing 
better in life to do - by all means read the decision anyway you want.

Also - Considering that I have been the active technical person (moderating 
or not) for this list since 1995 and the field of postcolonial research as 
well as people understanding and approach to online interaction (for 
instance, no one thinks anymore that the mere act of being on a listserv is 
being "technologically proficient" or some such absurd thing, anymore - its 
a part of daily life for most academics the world around for better or 
worse) has grown and shifted, I will be redoing the info sheet etc sometime 
soon to reflect some of these changes.

thanks all for your help in maintaining the list.


Radhika Gajjala
Moderator - Postcolonial List, Sa-cyborgs List (still functional), 
Third-world-women list (ocassionally functional:)) and so on...

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