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Subject: RE: Work on Caribbean Visual Culture
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 11:01:38 -0800

Joe, When I was doing some research on Hearne and Wynter a few months back I
came across some great articles in the "Jamaica Journal" on visual arts by
Manley Nettleford, and others, many with prints of the exhibits.
Unfortunately I don't have any citations with me but your student might just
browse through the journal as just about every issue had an article on the
topic. There's also Wilson Harris' articles on Guyanese art, and I think
Denis Williams' Mittelholzer lecture is about regional identity and visual
arts as well. Best, Liz DeLoughrey

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Subject: Work on Caribbean Visual Culture

Happy 2004 to Everyone:
I'm working on a syllabus for an independent study I plan to conduct with a
graduate student who wants to explore West Indian literature's relationship
the plastic arts. I have a handle on the literature end but I'm coming up
short on the visual arts end. I know that Pat Mohammed has done some work on
but I'd love help on the critical tradition in West Indian/Caribbean Art
history. Many Thanks in advance.
Walk Good--Joe

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