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Subject: Re: Richard Koenigsberg speaks on the psychology of war and genocide
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 18:32:02 +1030

Spare me!  I thought I had gotten away from posts by Dr Koenigsburg by
unsubbing from H-history-and-theory.
Sorry if this seems rude/excessive but the Foucault was SPAMMED by posts
from him for months.  Had they anything to do with Foucault I wouldn't have
minded.  The connection to this postcolonial list seems almost as tenuous.

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Subject: Richard Koenigsberg speaks on the psychology of war and genocide

> Richard Koenigsberg speaks on the Psychology of War and Genocide at the
> Solomon Asch Center for Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict at the
> University of Pennsylvania
> Tuesday Seminar Series, January 13, 2004, 12:00 Noon
> Dying and Killing for Nations: The Psychology of War and Genocide
> Is war driven by motives such as conquest, territorial expansion, or the
> defense of boundaries, as is commonly supposed? Does war really have any
> rational purpose?  Historians^“ standard accounts of World War II state
> that Hitler planned to create a master race, and attribute Germany^“s
> invasions to his goal of world domination.  But careful study of
> Hitler^“s speeches and writings shows that both the war and the Holocaust
> were prompted by his deeper wish for the annihilation of himself, his
> nation and the German people.
>             In his declaration of war, Hitler asked his people to do
> their duty^◊to be willing to ^”lay down their lives^‘ for their country.
> Those who were unwilling to demonstrate their loyalty to the nation,
> Hitler said, would ^”perish.^‘ Hitler insisted that in the Second World
> War, no one would be exempt from the obligation to sacrifice their lives
> in the name of the sanctification of Germany.
> The logic of genocide grew out of the logic of war. Hitler declared that
> he didn^“t mind sending his own troops into war ^”without regret for the
> shedding of valuable German blood.^‘ If German soldiers were obligated to
> sacrifice their lives for the nation, Hitler reasoned, why should
> Jews^◊mortal enemies of the German people^◊be spared?
> Through the vehicle of the death camps that the Nazis created, Hitler
> was trying to tell us something about the meaning of war. The soldier^“s
> death^◊dying for one^“s country^◊frequently is viewed as noble and
> beautiful. The Holocaust portrays submission to the nation state in
> another guise, placing before our eyes the abject, degrading fate of a
> body that has been given over to, taken over by the state. The Holocaust
> depicts sacrificial death stripped of words such as ^”honor^‘ and
> ^”heroism.^‘
> The SOLOMON ASCH CENTER is an academic institution within the University
> of Pennsylvania created to advance research, education, and
> policy-relevant study in ethnic group conflict and political violence.
> The Mission of the Center is to sustain and enhance the efforts of
> social scientists to identify the origins, trajectory, and impact of
> violent intergroup struggles.
> RICHARD KOENIGSBERG, Ph.D., is the Director of the Library of Social
> Science.  He is the author of several books, including Hitler^“s
> Ideology, The Psychoanalysis of Racism, Revolution, and Nationalism, and
> Symbiosis and Separation. He lectures extensively on the psychology of
> culture and history.
> For further information on this lecture, please contact the Library of
> Social Science at, or call
> 718-393-1104.
> ______________________________________
> Library of Social Science, 92-30 56th Ave. Suite 3-E, Elmhurst, NY 11373
> Fax: 413-832-8145
> Richard A. Koenigsberg, Ph. D., Director. Telephone: 718-393-1081
> Jay H. Bernstein, Ph. D., Executive Director. Telephone: 718-393-1104
> Mei Ha Chan, Associate Director. Telephone: 718-393-1075
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