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Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 10:27:21 +1300
Subject: Re: Women and the environment readings?

Liz -  The God of Small Things has some great passages to do with the
environment.  Also, Vandana Shiva, while not a fiction writer, continues to
lead the field in ecofeminism.


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Subject: Women and the environment readings?

> Hi everyone, I'm teaching an upper-level undergrad class on postcolonial
> women's writing with a focus on nature and the environment. I'm in
> pretty good shape for Caribbean texts (Mootoo, Kincaid, Garcia) but
> could use some suggestions for just about everywhere else. Technically
> the class is supposed to be about the novel but I'm open to all forms
> and could use theoretical readings as well. Some of the subsections will
> include tourism, plant collectors, nuclear testing and militarism, etc.
> Thanks in advance, Liz DeLoughrey
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