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Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 22:13:43  +1000
Subject: Re: Women and the environment readings?

Hi all--some Pacific literature suggestions in answer to Liz's request 
for women's writing focusing on nature. What about Patricia Grace's 
Potiki which presents the struggle of a group of Maoris to keep their 
land despite large pressure from developers.  There's also Haunani-Kay 
Trask's book of poetry, Light in the Crevice Never Seen and her book of 
essays, From a Native Daughter.These don't  all work just with nature 
and environmental issues but they do have deep roots in issues of land.

Dr. Evelyn Flores
Division of English and Applied Linguistics
University of Guam

"Elizabeth DeLoughrey"  wrote:
>Hi everyone, I'm teaching an upper-level undergrad class on 
>women's writing with a focus on nature and the environment. I'm in
>pretty good shape for Caribbean texts (Mootoo, Kincaid, Garcia) but
>could use some suggestions for just about everywhere else. Technically
>the class is supposed to be about the novel but I'm open to all forms
>and could use theoretical readings as well. Some of the subsections 
>include tourism, plant collectors, nuclear testing and militarism, etc.

>Thanks in advance, Liz DeLoughrey
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