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Subject: RE: Women and the environment readings?
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 01:28:39 -0500

Hi, Liz!-- Mahasweta Devi's "Imaginary Maps," translated by Gayatri
Spivak, which is about the Dalit movement in India and ecological
destruction, among other things.

Hope you're doing well. Things are good here at NYU. I'm applying to PhD
programs in the winter, and Cornell is on the list. Probably going to
try for the MFA-PhD. I'm writing a novel "on the side" these days...

How are things in Ithaca?


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> Subject: Women and the environment readings?
> Hi everyone, I'm teaching an upper-level undergrad class on
> women's writing with a focus on nature and the environment. I'm in
> pretty good shape for Caribbean texts (Mootoo, Kincaid, Garcia) but
> could use some suggestions for just about everywhere else. Technically
> the class is supposed to be about the novel but I'm open to all forms
> and could use theoretical readings as well. Some of the subsections
> include tourism, plant collectors, nuclear testing and militarism,
> Thanks in advance, Liz DeLoughrey
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