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Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 16:25:06 EST
Subject: Re: British Asian Poets

Dear Nalin,
I was alerted to your query by a friend and hope you will not mind my 
contacting you regarding your query about Asian poets in Britain?
There is an anthology edited by Debjani Chatterjee (Redbeck Press) which I am 
sure you are aware of. The relevant names that come to mind are - Sujatta 
Bhatt (though she is based in Germany), Moniza Alvi (from Pakistan) Ketaki Kusari 
Dyson (also writes in Bengali and is a translator), Debjani Chatterjee among 
I have been writing (and publishing poetry) for some time now and have a 
website which you may refer to if you wish:
I have two poetry collections and two more are awaiting publication. Working 
on my fifth book. I have had some 300 poems published in 100 journals 
worldwide. So, one cannot claim to be neglected. However, having a more public profile 
is quite another matter. As getting books into print and getting them 
reviewed and sold are so difficult, it is better that one's time and energy be 
bedirected towards the writing of poetry. Unfortunately, as poetry offers no money - 
one has to hold on to the day job, which in my case takes up a lot of time. 
Also, agents do not find it worthwhile promoting poets. Hope this explains why 
you have heard of Indian novelists and yet when you think of Indian poets, you 
draw a blank.
Hope this helps?
Best wishes,
Shanta Acharya


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