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Subject: RMMLA 2004 Convention 9/30-10/2, Boulder  "Caribbean Lit (non-Fre
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 11:54:11 -0600

Caribbean Literature (Non-French)  I: Open Topic

Chair: Sura P. Rath, Central Washington University

    1.	?Lenore in the Caribbean: Olive Senior's "Ballad" as a Postcolonial
Translation,?  Hans-Georg Erney,  Emory University
    2.	?Loving Che, Loving Cuba: Ana Menendez snd the Intimacy of Cuban
Diasporic Ideologies,?  Trenton Hickman, Brigham Young University
    3.	?Cursing and Curving Language in A Tempest by Aime Cesaire,? Hande
Tekdemir, University of Southern California
    4.	"The House on the Lagoon:  Representations of Dominant and Marginal
Discourse," Irene Wirshing, Binghampton University-SUNY

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