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> > and exoticizing the "east" which also spills over to
> > bodies--for example, the issue of Mail order brides
> > and the ways in which for instance Asian/eastern
> > women tend to be fetishized and exoticized in and by
> > the Anglo (masculine) imaginary.  (one does not tend
> > to see a reverse flow quite the same way)

Actually, there is a reverse flow.  All of the women who offer themselves as
mail order brides to American men do so absolutely voluntarily, and I know
of instances where they compete among themselves over a particular man.
They see an American man not only as someone who will provide financial
security, but as someone who will treat them with kindness and will be much
Hi there - have I dropped off the list - I do not seem to be getting posts - Janice Abo Ganis

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