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Subject: new issue of BORDERLANDS e-journal
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 20:49:35 +1030

Volume 2 Number 3, 2003

New Languages: Power, Feeling, Communication
Editors: Anthony Burke & David McInerney



Joseph Pugliese
The Locus of the Non: The racial fault-line of
"of Middle-Eastern appearance"

Simon Philpott
Farewell Edward Said

Sari Hanafi
The Broken Boundaries of Statehood and Citizenship

Bill Templer
>From Mutual Struggle to Mutual Aid: Moving Beyond
the Statist Impasse in Israel/Palestine

Ephraim Nimni
The Challenge of Post-Zionism


Mona Baker & Lawrence Davidson
In Defense of the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions

Tanya Reinhart
Academic Boycott: In Support of Paris IV

Ilan Pappé
The Case for Boycott

John Docker & Ghassan Hage
Call for an Australian boycott of research and cultural
links with Israel

Andrew Jakubowicz
Civility and Terror in Academic Life: the Israeli
academic boycotts

Neve Gordon
Against the Academic Boycott

Baruch Kimmerling
The Meaning of Academic Boycott


Joanna Bourke & Anthony Burke
Killing and Responsibility


Sara Ahmed
In the Name of Love

Sasho Lambevski
Habitus, Attitude, Boredom and the End of Enjoyment:
a Profile of an 'A' List Homo

Jason Read
A Universal History of Contingency: Deleuze and Guattari
on the History of Capitalism

Vicki Karaminas
[Slide Show] Greetings from Australia

Gay Breyley
Kissing the Noose of Australian Democracy: Misplaced faiths
and displaced lives converse over Australia's rising fences

Binoy Kampmark
David Hicks, Mamdouh Habib and the
limits of Australian Citizenship


Ned Curthoys
The Challenge of Post-Zionism
(Ephraim Nimni ed. The Challenge of Post-Zionism, Zed 2003)

Catherine Mills
Normative Tensions and Reparative Justice
(Janna Thompson, Taking Responsibility for the Past, Polity, 2002)

Anthony J. Langlois
Writing the Borders of Suffering
(M. Anne Brown, Human Rights and the borders of suffering, Manchester UP,

Matt McDonald
Border anxiety and the assault on hope in contemporary society
(Ghassan Hage, Against Paranoid Nationalism, Pluto Australia, 2003)

Dr. David McInerney
Borderlands e-journal

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