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Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 08:16:00 -0800 (PST)
Subject: PUPT: RE: International touring

Thanks Jim for that information-- it's very helpful to know what is possible.

I've done some international touring the last couple of years as well
(Usually invited by people from that country.)  Mostly in Brazil, and

I performed in English, and asked for a translator (which the venue
provided)  It's kind of weird to work in translation, but my shows have a
lot of text in them that I perform, and it's easier to alter my performance
(in the moment) to wait for the translator than to make a tape (when I
normally don't perform to tapes anyway.)

For me it worked fine  (although there were some rough spots in the first
couple of performances.)  Through one tour I had 3 seperate translators and
it was interesting working with each.

I don't think my show would have gone over nearly as well without the
translator, though people were definitely very intrigued.  It also helps if
you at least try to add in parts of the other people's language.

I learned to do my entire pre-show (which is selling miniature programs and
other souvenirs of my flea-circus)  in Portuguese!  People really responded
to that, and it was easier than I thought.

Also, people bought my programs, despite the fact that they were in
English!  Perhaps the price was right...  (10 centavos, about 7 cents)

Anyhow, Jim, thanks for sharing.....

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