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Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 07:13:59 -0800
Subject: PUPT: Indentifying some puppets

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>Subject: Indentifying some puppets

>Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 08:02:29 -0600
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>Hey Steve
>Sorry to bug you.
>I am trying to identify some puppets...the age, manufacturer etc.
>I posted something on rec.puppets and to the CRIT list but no response.
>Can you kindly point me to someone who is into puppet history?
>These are  30-50 years old, great quality and is what I
>in the news group:
>===============>I have 9 old hand puppets, in original boxes.  Hand painted plaster heads,
>wonderful costumes, hair, hats, glasses, canes, etc. All French names
>(Thisbe, Belle-Mere, Le Lion, Guignol, Pyrame, Micheck, Odette, Professeur,
>Gendarme)  I called the company named on the box (Gessler Publishing) and
>no one there had a clue, other than they *may* have been made by a supplier
>in Paris France over 30 years ago. (Gessler made educational aids then).
>They are really vibrant, personable puppets, seem to have some life. I'm
>very curious about the history, manufacture, age etc.
>Any insights appreciated, very much.
>Thanks Steve, I appreciate it.  I like your web site by the way. Lots of
>Kind Regards,
>Walt Bransford
Steve Axtell / Axtell Expressions, Inc!
VeggieTales Puppets
Tel / Fax (805) 642-7282
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