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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 10:56:19 -0500
Subject: PUPT: Novice questions

I am a recently retired  high school art teacher in mid coast -Maine.  I
have always loved puppets and am designing small 6" marionettes to
accompany dioramas.  I particularly love theatre and am an artist.
However, my puppet skills are novice.

Rather than several strings- I am trying to use just head and arm strings.
To all you pros out there- I can hear the snickers..hold on-I want the
painting to come alive and be interactive. The puppets are to be included
and hanging on teasers- easy to grasp and articulate.
I love the "idea" but need a better plan for simple "grab and use" mini
puppets. The one's I have created Look cool but do NOT have the magic
fluidity of a puppet. Or at least the look of one I see in my imagination.

I use a clay base for the head and feet and arms are cut and designed
muslin filled with clay. The body is muslin (rough) and painted and glued
to create 1 unit.

Pigs, fox and raccoons are in this particular group.

Any help would be appreciated.


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