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Subject: PUPT: re: portable staging concepts
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 99 23:06:13 -0000

thanks everybody for your involvement on this topic:

>Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 18:00:37 EST
>Subject: Re: PUPT: re: portable staging II
>re: portable stages, that fold flat....The box could be the base for
>a stage, even if one side of the box "folds" down...the box
>will double in purpose to also transport...
>Use aluminum tubing that telescopes one inside another for
>upright poles.  Consider a bungee cord inside the telescoping poles...
>Design to your own needs.  You
>will rarely find someone else's design perfect for you.. Jim Gamble
>Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 22:51:52 -0800 (PST)
>From: (Brian Morris)
>Subject: Re: PUPT: re: portable staging II
>About stages...
>We designed our own PVC stage out of 1" schedule 40 pipe. The total length
>of the stage when put together is 13". It is a double tiered stage on one
>side, (8') and a single on the other side (5').
>The stage is designed so that it all breaks down and fits, with curtains,
>into two duffle bags. The cutains all attach with velcro. The whole setup
>can be done in about 15-20 minutes. A little longer than unflding a flat,
>but sincce we built it so all the parts are interchangeable, it is well
>whole the extra time. We can also take the same interchangeable parts and
>make a 6' stage, a 4' stage, a 5' stage, double it or single, basically
>whatever we want. The 1" pipe fittings do sometimes break but we always
>carry some extra parts and inbetween shows or while we are on the road we
>fix it. Remember to bring a PVC pipe cutter and glue! We also use a newer
>aluminum stage as well to fill int he spots where the PVC stage won't work
>or when we need several stages at the same time for different shows. We
>also have hinged prop bars that attach on the front bars of the stage that
>makes using props a sinch. We have had this stage for over 5 years and
>still use it every week. The only really big thing we have done is to
>replace the velcro on the curtains. Other than that it works great.
>Brian Morris
>Zak & Company
Brian, I love it that the design parts are interchangeable for a variety 
of stages - like
a lego kit. Two duffle bags sounds decent. I assume this is an indoor 
touring stage.

There is something I don't like about PVC piping's industrial 'look' - 
it's a great armature but it needs something covering it to hide the 
roundness of the frame...
telescoping tent poles sound ideal to make it light and 
streamlined-looking - I know that
quality poles are *pricey* - perhaps an existing pole tent could be 
structurally converted into a free-standing puppet stage! (some have 
windows already built in!)

Jim, I like your idea of the modular 'box' base, I have the same premise 
except in this case it is built around a bike trailer.

Re: curtains - best that nothing is glued to the pipe for velcrow -
the curtains could be grommetted to snap or tie to the corners of the 



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