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Do you find 1 hour enough time?  What kind of puppets do you put together?

Carousel Puppets

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>-- [ From: Mark S. Segal * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --
>I do a 1 hour paper puppet workshop. Plays for 7 to adult. Charge a flat
>rate for up to 25 participants. For an additional 25 people there is an
>extra $10 material charge. I request that the sponsor provide scissors
>and glue. 
>I treat the workshop like a show with a beginning, middle and end. Cover
>the basic forms of puppets add a little history, have samples (and a
>display) of marionettes, rods and hand puppets, throw in a little demo
>of manipulation, and the participants walk away with two or three
>different kinds of paper puppets. It seems to work well. The purpose of
>my workshop is to 
>1. create an interest in puppetry.
>2. open up the doors of imagination and possibility
> (for the example of simple rod puppets (which we don't make) I use two
>feather dusters with faces made out of the same simple materials only
>one is with the feathers up and one with the feathers down).
>3) To have something that the participants can take home.
>It is a standard product and I have a little traveling stage demo table
>that carries all my supplies.
>A great source for ideas is Nancy Renfro's book Imagination.
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