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Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 22:37:01 -0500 (EST)
Subject: PUPT: Re: Internship Letter

 Dear Colleagues,
        The following might be of interest to people interested in puppet
theater and political theater.

John Bell


Bread & Puppet
1999 Internship Program in Glover, Vermont

        The Bread & Puppet Theater is now accepting applications for two
sessions of internship programs that provide students, truck drivers,
housewives, farmers, musicians, activists, anyone, with an opportunity to
actively participate in Bread & Puppet-style show-making.  Bread & Puppet
Theater is one of the oldest non-commercial self-supporting theaters in the
country.  Based since 1970 in rural northern Vermont, the theater continues
to create shows around political and social themes, and is committed to
community engagements, often involving large groups of volunteers in its

        Peter Schumann, founder and director of Bread and Puppet, says:
"Bread & Puppet internships are intense, two week living and working
apprenticeships on a farm in Vermont=B9s Northeast Kingdom.  Whether emphasis
is on kids' shows or political pageants, activities are geared to the
production of a show.  Text research, movement experimentation, mask and
puppet manipulation, vocal and instrumental music or organized mask-making,
and possibly puppet building all contribute to a work in progress.
        "We are not a school.  We do not conduct classes in different styles
of puppetry, or styles of how to make puppets.  Whatever you want to learn
about puppetry, you pick up from being engaged in different aspects of Bread
& Puppet show production, which are compositions of sculpture and junk and
music and noise in the service of a compelling political and philosophical

Spring Internship:  May 25 to June 6
        12 participants; some building; paper-mache; preparing the Bread &
Puppet Museum for opening; includes a small town parade and a Bread & Puppet
Museum performance.

Late Summer Internship:  August 23 to September 6
        12 participants; centers on rehearsals and weekly performances of 2
programs: a family-style show with local children and adults, and a serious
show based on contemporary issues.

        Accommodations are very simple, bordering for some on the primitive.
Interns are housed in our old farmhouse, from two to six in a room.  (In
summer weather a couple of small trailers are available or one can tent.)
We cook meals, eat and clean up collectively and help with seasonal chores:
gardening, firewood, snow shoveling, etc.  We use outhouses for the warm
season, conserve water, compost leftovers and generally try to be thrifty. 

To Apply:
        Send a letter of interest that includes your background and explains
why you want to work with Bread & Puppet.  Theater/Art training is not a
requirement.  Be sure to indicate your preference of sessions and your
availability.  Some limited scholarship assistance is available.  If you are
accepted, a $50 deposit is due three weeks before your session to hold your
place.  The remainder of the fee is payable on arrival.  Neither deposits
nor fees are refundable.


Letter Due: April 18, 1999		=09
Deposit Due: May 1, 1999	=09
Cost: $400=09

Letter Due: July 1, 1999
Deposit Due: July 25, 1999
Cost: $400
Please plan to arrive the evening before your session begins.

Internships				=09
Bread & Puppet Theater=09
RD 2, Box 153
Glover, VT 05839
Questions? Call (802)525-3031

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