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Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 19:18:56 -0500
Subject: Re: PUPT: portable stages

Thanks for the reminder.

laura hayes wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
>         When we designed our PVC stage, the curtain was designed
> similar to a "kitchen curtain."  You just simply slide the curtain
> over the upper PVC pipe. This eliminates the hassle of deciding what
> type of glue will work best to affix velcro to PVC.  If you use a
> playboard with your PVC pipe stage, sew a buttonhole or make a slit in
> the fabric large enough to insert the hinges of your playboard.  We
> use two different stages...a wooden one and also a PVC pipe stage.
>    I prefer using a wooden stage.  It is by far much easier
> to use both a playboard and prop board with a wooden stage...and also
> easier to have some type of hook inserted into the wood to have your
> puppets within reach as well as an additional board for your tape
> deck.  The question of attaching a curtain to a wooden stage is a
> snap with velcro simply stapled into the wood.
> Laura Hayes
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