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Date: Sun, 28 Feb 99 13:24:22 -0500
Subject: PUPT: Just some questions from Argentina

Hello, everybody!
My name is Mariano and I am from Argentina. Last year,  three friends from the University and I decided to try teaching English as a second language using puppets. We adapted an Irish legend and creted the puppets with papier mache. After putting up the play in some schools, we realized that puppetry is not only a beautiful way of expression but that it can also help children to learn. But we found some "technical problems" as we are not experts on this art. So, I would like to know if some of you could possibly help us just telling us where to find material to study and learn about puppets. I know that there is a lot of books about the topic, but here in Argentina they are difficult to obtain. I would appreciate any kind of information.
            Thank you very much

________________________________________________________ Tu correo gratuito en espaņol.

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