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Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 13:10:50 EDT
Subject: Re: PUPT: Re: Prague?

    A few observations:     Tell her to see the "Speibel and Hurvinek" 
Theater in Prague...long history.  During WWII, made fun of the Nazis by 
German double talk.  Nazis put the puppets in jail...Theater now is right off 
the trolley line...ask any of the puppeteers in town for directions.  
    I was there a couple of years ago.  "Yellow Submarine" was lots of 
lighting effects, but disappointing.  UNIMA was founded in Prague and there 
is a plaque just outside one of the theaters marking the spot.  Theater IMAGE 
had some nice effects similar to Imago in this country.  Movenpick Hotel 
reasonable and easy access.  
    Watch out for pick pockets..they are very cleaver, work in pairs or out especially in a crowd where they will try to 
"jostle" you.  
    Don Giovanni  a the National Marionette Theater was the best "puppet" 
show (after Speibel and Hurvinek theater.)  This was my first return to 
Prague since the UNIMA Fest there in 1969. City is filled with puppet 
shops.....and lots of street performers.... Jim Gamble

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