File spoon-archives/puptcrit.archive/puptcrit_2003/puptcrit.0302, message 100

Subject: PUPT: RE:Tri-corn
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 15:24:45 -0500

Jim's description will work.  It's easier to understand if you remember that 
a tri-corn, or a bicorn for that matter,  starts out as a wide-brimmed felt 
hat (or tarred straw for sailors).  The brim is turned up and steamed into 
place to get it out of the way.  Some hats had brims held up by pins or 
buttons so they could be changed to the weather.  Different ranks had 
different ways of moulding their hats, unti the idea of standardized 
uniforms got in the way.  Sometimes for costuming the brim can be made 
lopsided before it's turned up depending on the effect wanted.

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