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Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 02:47:15 EST
Subject: Re: PUPT: Re: Mister Rogers

  Hi everyone,

      Frankly, I loved watching Mr. Rogers even as an adult., especially when 
I was stressed out. His shows never failed to's quite remarkable 

  Two shows of Mr. Rogers that stand out in particular for me were the 
episodes where he traveled to Moscow to appear as a guest on a Russian 
children's show called "Goodnight Little Ones".    As this was well before 
the great "change" in the USSR, it was quite a tear jerking experience to see 
Mr. Roger's litte "Daniel the lion" exchanging uninhibited expressions of 
love and goodwill with a little Russian piggy puppet.
In  turn, the hostess of the Russian show appeared as a special guest on Mr. 
Roger's was equally as endearing.   

Bless him., the world has lost another great treasure.


                                                                  Steve Weber
                                                          The Laughing Egg 


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