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Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 23:10:01 -0500
Subject: PUPT: Puppet Shows at Emerson College, Boston

>  Emerson New Works Festival brings new works to life
>Emerson Stage presents the Annual New Works Festival, celebrating new 
>works in theatre created by Emerson College students and faculty.  The 
>Festival features 3 new works:
>Super Puppet-o-rama Extravaganza!
>A group created project, directed by John Bell
>New Puppet Works will include new innovations on old puppet traditions: 
>shadow theater, toy theater, and giant puppet theater. These forms will be 
>used to perform productions based on Japanese Noh plays, a Gertrude Stein 
>puppet play from 1936, and a Living Newspaper based on today s 
>headlines.  This project is led by Emerson College faculty member John 
>Bell, a founding member of the Obie-Award-winning Great Small Works 
>theater company, who started his theater work with Bread and Puppet 
>Theater in Vermont.  Brimmer Fireplace Theatre, 69 Brimmer Street, 
>Wednesday Friday, April 23 25 at 8pm , April 26 at 2pm
>Shoot the Bull
>by Jeffrey VanDreason, winner of the 2003 Rod Parker Playwrights Fellowship
>directed by Joe Antoun, Artistic Director of CentaStage
>Shoot the Bull is a contemporary screwball comedy about relationships, 
>coincidence and fate.
>Brimmer Studio Theatre, 69 Brimmer Street, Wednesday Saturday, April 23 26 
>at 8pm
>by Alexander C.P. Danner
>directed by Curt Miller
>Cubicles is a darkly funny comedy about the inhuman nature of the modern 
>workplace.  Brimmer Loft Theatre, 69 Brimmer Street, Wednesday Friday, 
>April 23 25 at 8pm  April 26 at 4pm
>On Saturday, April 26, New Puppet Works (Fireplace Theatre) will perform 
>at 2pm, Cubicles (Loft Theatre) will perform at 4pm, and Shoot the Bull 
>(Studio Theatre) at 8pm, allowing the audience the opportunity to enjoy 
>all three events in one day.  Tickets are $7 each, and a Festival Pass for 
>all three productions is $15.  Tickets can be purchased through 
>, or call the Emerson Stage Box Office at 617-824-8369.
>Sara Glidden
>Emerson Stage
>General Manager/Director of Marketing
>ph: 617-824-8366
>fax: 617-824-8799


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