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Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 08:18:24 -0700
Subject: PUPT: Toy Theater on TV

I'm seeing more and more of what I assume is a take off of toy theater / 
found object puppetry getting into TV commercials.   Sometimes with hands 
seen manipulating the objects and sometimes with hidden controls.    The 
one that comes to mind first is the rock n roll concert by the beverage 
bottles.   The same company I think also does a "bull run" scene.

It seems that video is a good way to show small objects to an audience 
either broadcast or by close circuit TV to larger audiences.    Here is a 
kid's pastor that is using a digital video camera and projection TV for 
this application.    He calls it ToyBox Tales...

Is this common?   Perhaps some feel that using technology takes away from 
the basic use of toys in storytelling.  That the decidedly low tech 
platform is critical.

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