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Subject: RE: PUPT: A Question of Scale..How small is too small?
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Subject: PUPT: A Question of Scale..How small is too small?

Unless I am really upclose, I have not enjoyed most toy theatre shows...
Many have incredible detailed scenery and puppets, that can't be really
enjoyed too far back.

At school, I have had kids make toy theatre style puppets, first using a
copy paper box, and more recently one a bit larger from Judy O'Hare's
directions with foam core.   Although the kids enjoyed themselves, the
overall experience was too crowded and not as amazing as when we've used
cloth hand puppets or even simple shadow puppets.   The shadow puppet
screen was more visible to a whole class coming to see the show that the
toy theater box with edges.  I think the kids were also better able to
add details and cut out their paper puppets when significantly larger
than what we tried.  Rather than 6-8 inch puppets,  They'd do better
with 9-12inches and a way larger box/theatre.

Just my opinion....
liz in MA

Liz & All:

I love toy theater, but I agree -- you do have to be up close.  I think
that's part of the magic, though.  I love the intimacy.

Just an opinion,

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