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Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 10:22:52 -0400
Subject: PUPT: Puppet Criticism Again: A Call for Ideas!

Later this month Mum Puppettheatre will perform at the 10th Annual 
International Dance Festival and Conference in Bytom, Poland,  a 
gathering of those who dance, those who make dance, and those who write 
about dance. Past participants have included Mikhail Baryshnikov; Anna 
Kisselgoff, Dance Critic for the New York Times comes this year.

In addition to performing we will take part in symposia for students of 
dance criticism. We believe that our inclusion in a dance festival is 
significant for the world of puppetry, as so far it dance seems to be 
the only established art form that is willing to look at puppetry on 
its own terms.

This is also significant for Mum Puppettheatre and American puppetry, 
as this marks the first time this prestigious festival has included 
puppetry in its offerings, even though Poland has long led the world in 
its explorations of puppetry.

I have been asked to contribute examples of writing about the artform 
that I have found useful. I've drawn a blank. I'm not sure that I've 
ever encountered writing (critical writing) about puppetry that was 
useful to the artist. So, I ask the assembled for their wisdom.

What writing has helped you in your own work? Has there been a piece of 
writing specifically aimed at your work that you found useful? Graduate 
students from all over the world will take part in these symposia, 
seeing work at night and writing and discussing it during the day. This 
is a chance to get some thinking done about puppet criticism (what an 
idea for this list!) Historically, dance, more than any other art form 
in our time, has really gotten its act together, figuring out how to 
include everyone under the tent, raising the profile of the form, 
creating a core of study that passes academic muster. Puppetry can 
learn a lot from dance.

I'd like to share, possibly, the best of the best with the conference 
in Poland. I'd appreciate any assistance or examples you might care to 

Thanks for your help.

Robert Smythe
Artistic Director
Mum Puppettheatre
115 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
T: 215.925.7686
F: 215.922.5184

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