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Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 13:53:54 -0400
Subject: PUPT: Dragon Dance's 6th Pan American Puppetry Arts Institute 

This summer puppet institute (described below) may be of interest, 
especially because its inclusive consideration of all the Americas.
john bell
great small works

>Dragon Dance Theatre's 6th Pan American Puppetry Arts Institute
>will take place July 20 to August 20, 2003 at the foot of Hunger Mountain 
>in Worcester,Vermont.
>         During the last month Katah and Sam have been travelling in 
> Mexico and Quebec meeting with the participants and discussing with them 
> the plans for the one month residency...
>         Clearly a central objective will be cultural exchange, the event 
> will take place in three languages, French, English and Spanish, and the 
> artists will represent Quebec, Vermont and Mexico...
>         The theme this year will be production and the schedule will be 
> to produce four different types of shows in four weeks..
>         We are happy to announce that the entire creative process will be 
> assisted by the Plainfield artist Janice Walrafen..
>         The first week will be devoted to out door, night time, fire 
> sculptures and political spectacle..
>         The second week will be a Quebecois folk tale which might also 
> include Quebec singing and dancing, this week will be directed by the 
> Quebec performing artist Francois Bruneau.
>         The third week will be parade and out door performance and 
> dramatization of folk stories with big masks and puppets..This will be a 
> Chiapas theme and will feature a performance at the Latino Festival in 
> Burlington, Vermont.
>         Two women from FOMMA, Forteleza de Mujer Maya, will be in 
> residence for the month, Petrona and Isabelle.  They are directors and 
> founders of this very important Mayan women's, Popular, theatre company 
> in Chiapas Mexico..Their first language is Tzotzil!
>         The fourth week will be a Chiapas theme, mask and body puppets, 
> production for the small stage at Hunger Mountain..
>         The entire process will include a daily dance class by the Rio 
> Abierto dance teacher Tania
>Solomonoff..These classes will be for the performers, but they will also 
>be open to community participation..
>         During the last week we expect the Texas expatriot, living in and 
> working in Montreal, the atonal composer Mark Warhol to be in residence 
> and we are asking him to give a talk about Stockhausen and possibly to 
> give a workshop about making music for the theatre...
>         We are expecting a number of other participants, including Lisa 
> Anair and David Garcia..
>         There will be opportunities for Onion River Valley artists and 
> interested people to get involved..
>         Please contact, or call us at 
> 802-223-4051...  please do!!!
>         In Art We Trust...Sam and Katah


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