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Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 15:25:10 +0100
Subject: Re: PUPT: Puppet Criticism Again: A Call for Ideas!

 But I would
>like to add that developing theory and criticism is not some rarefied
>practice, because we all have our own de facto theories and critical
>perspectives which we use all the time.  Maybe we all should write such
>things down and make our own contributions to the ongoing dialogue of the
>past few centuries.
>john bell

	Very interesting back and forth here.
	I doubt that the study of Bogatyrev and Proschan actually precludes
the study of Lecoq and Decroux. I agree with Robert that many essential
aspect of puppet theatre have more incommon with dance and movement-based
disciplines than with literary based dramatic forms.  I also second the
above thought by JB calling for more such dialog. I feel that some of the
intellectual isolation we feel in regards to the serious study of the field
of puppetry results from the fact that it seems to be only practicing (or
retired) puppeteers (or their enablers) who have any interest in writing
about the field.

	Well, well. Well?


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