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Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 09:29:02 -0400
Subject: PUPT: Puppets and Oil: Oiligarchy's West Coast Tour Dates

A political puppet show about oil...
john bell
Attention Friends of The Liberty Cabbage Theatre Revival!  We are currently 
headed to the West Coast in our biodiesel truck with our newest 
performance, Oiligarchy!  Oiligarchy is a wonderful, multimedia performance 
about petroleum- its history, alternatives, and ties to war.
>Check out the following site for our press release, flyer, photo, and 
>updated schedule:  Please help us to share 
>this important show with as many people as possible by flyering, 
>contacting media, or spreading the word.  See you soon!
>Oiligarchy West Coat Tour Dates:
>Wed, 6/18 Mayer, AZ, 8pm -AT-Arcosanti,
>Fri, 6/20 LA, CA, 9pm -AT-Peace & Social Justice Festival,
>Sun, 6/22 LA, CA, 7:30pm -AT-Casa de Pablo, 1498 Sunset Blvd #2, (213) 481-1986
>Tues 6/23 Sacramento, CA, 9pm, for 
>Wed, 6/25 Santa Cruz, CA, 8pm -AT-Actors' Theatre, 1001 Center St, (831) 
>Thurs 6/26 W.Oakland, CA, 8pm -AT-Oakland Noodle Factory, 1255 26th St #H (at 
>Sun 6/29 Ashland, OR, 8pm -AT-Nuwandart Gallery, 258 A St, (541)488-4278
>Tues, 7/1 Portland, OR, 6:30pm -AT-Environmental Middle School, 2421 SE 
>Orange Ave
>Wed, 7/2 Portland, OR, 8pm -AT-Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy St
>Fri, 7/4 San Francisco, CA (To Be Announced)
>Sat, 7/5 San Francisco, CA, 8pm, CELLSpace, 2050 Bryant St, 
>CONTACT: Rachel Young
>EMAIL: <>
>PHONE: (347)451-3310
>Oiligarchy: A Comic Tragedy about Love, Loss and Addiction
>"Oiligarchy is a tragic comedy about love, loss and addiction," joked
>Charlotte Capogna, a member of the troupe. "Our show includes puppetry, 
>and music about petroleum- petroleum history, its alternatives, and its ties
>to war."
>Some highlights from the show include: an interpretive dance about the 
>geological formation of petroleum; a puppet show about the history of 
>petroleum use from waterproofing Noah's ark to today's automobile use; and 
>a satirical skit about the way people relate to each other while driving.
>Poetry and slides are woven into the performance, highlighting the
>relationship between U.S. oil consumption, patriarchy, and war. The show
>concludes with alternatives to the current social and political crisis,
>including biodiesel, hydrogen power, bicycle lanes, improved public 
>transportation, direct democracy and global resistance movements.
>The show was written this winter by Deborah Shoval, Elisabeth Weaver, 
>Charlotte Capogna, Erika Arthur, and Rachel Young of the Liberty Cabbage 
>Theatre Revival; three of these women will perform in the CA/OR tour. "We 
>began by asking ourselves some questions," explains Elisabeth Weaver. "Why 
>is petroleum our most common source of energy? How and when were 
>successful modes of public transit such as street cars replaced by 
>automobiles and highways? Are there viable alternatives? When did the 
>United States begin fighting resource wars?"
>The troupe's extensive research included reading Shell Corporation literature
>from the 1940's, petroleum industry guides and geology textbooks; studying
>19th century European puppetry techniques; and befriending a local biodiesel
>producer. Stories and slides were collected from local Western Massachusetts
>activists who have recently traveled to Nigeria, Colombia, Ecuador, Southern
>Mexico and Iraq.
>Get 2 months FREE*.

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