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Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 12:25:05 -0400
Subject: PUPT: Oscar Wilde Puppet Show?

Hi all,

I've just gotten a request from Brattle Theatre (great old art movie house
in Harvard Square, Cambridge) wondering if we want to take part in a big
Oscar Wilde celebration there this fall.  The organizer was hoping for a
puppet play from either his adult work or one of his three children's
stories. The event will also include some sort of panoply, so Wilde parade
characters might work too.

I doubt there's much money available here, but thought, what the heck, it
would be interesting to at least find out if anyone has dome something
puppety with Wilde.  Does anyone here know of any adult or family
productions, parade puppets, Slam style pieces, or the like based on his
work?  Contact info would be good. Who knows... maybe this little event
could turn into a travelling Wilde extravaganza.

I'll be meeting with the organizers soon and will pass along any leads to
them (as well as keeping them in our own "maybe" file at the theatre.


Puppet Showplace Theatre

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