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Subject: PUPT: Correction: British Puppeteer Brian Hill in Hospital
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 17:14:57 -0400

Ooops, my bad. That will teach me to cut and paste! British puppeteer Brian
Hill is in the hospital, not Martin Bridle (I'm not even sure if Martin is a
puppeteer or not). Martin was the one who originally posted a message about
Brian to the BPMTG board.

- Andrew

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Subject: PUPT: British Puppeteer Martin Bridle in Hospital

Hi all,

I did not know of Brian Hill, but saw this posted on the message board of
the BPMTG and thought I would pass it along to the list for the benefit of
anyone in the UK or elsewhere who knows Brian and/or wanted to pass a long a
card or note:

I'm writing on behalf of Mary Hill, wife of Brian Hill, a friend of mine who
is a member and supporter of the Guild. Brian has contributed articles to
the newsletter over the years, and you may know his name that way, or maybe
met him at a Guild event.
Brian is seriously ill at the moment, recovering from near-fatal pneumonia.
Any stimulation in the form of cards, letters, photos of puppets, etc would
help him through this very difficult time. Even if you didn't know him
personally, perhaps you could find the time to send some words of
encouragement. Brian has used his love of puppets to keep interested through
disability over the past 15 or so years, and
so I'm sure all members will wish him well. Please send to:

Brian Hill
c/o Ward D6
Southampton General Hospital
Tremona Rd
United Kingdom

Many thanks
Martin Bridle

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