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Subject: PUPT: Puppet Activities in Los Angeles
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 23:39:12 -0700

Last two workshops at Mc Groarty Arts Center this weekend...

Celebrate Puppetry Festival activities are going strong!!!  Mt Gleason Jr. 
High students are excited and ready for their culmination performances Thurs 
April 15th.

The final two Masking Shadow Characters workshops are happening this 
weekend.  Here's the info:

McGroarty Arts Center - 7570 McGroarty Terrace - Tujunga

   Saturday April 17th  from 4:30-6:30pm
   Sunday April 18th from 2-4pm

Join us and make a simple Balinese style shadow character.  Children 6-12 
must be accompanied by an adult.

Dont forget to join us on the 6th Annual Day of Puppetry for

Alice in the Shadows, psychedelic rock n roll shadow play, at the

         Shouting Coyote Festival • April 24th  • 7:30pm
                 at Tierra Del Sol  • 9919 Sunland Blvd, Shadow Hills

FREE •  Just mention Alice at the gate after 6:30!
Or spend the day at the Shouting Coyote Festival
10am-10pm •  $5.00 • Children 10 & under Free

• Bring blankets or beach chairs and come early for a good spot.

Shadow Artist: Maria Bodmann
   Music Director: Cliff DeArment
Musicians: Barry Newton, Shin Kawasaki, Mike Pievac

“...delightful magic... a twilight journey into a Mythic realm...  The 
colorfully painted figures, splendid vocal characterizations, and music 
enraptured us, with the freshness of discovery and enchantment where 
childhood's dreams are twined, in memory's mystic band.”
          Mark Burstein, Knight Letter, Lewis Carroll Society of North 

“Alice in the Shadows puts its own psychedelic spin complete with incense, 
flowers, a light show and ‘60s-style rock music...   So join the mad tea 
party, but don’t expect the squeaky-clean animated Disney version that has 
dominated the popular American imagination for the last 50 years.  That 
Alice doesn’t live here anymore.”
          Sandra Ross, Los Angeles Weekly

For additional information visit: or call Maria 

This project is made possible through an outdoor festival grant from the 
City of Los Angeles, Cultural Affairs Department, a partnership between the 
Foothill Optimists, along with the generosity of the Shouting Coyote 
Festival and Bali & Beyond.

Coming up right after Alice in the Shadows is the Art & Craft of Shadow 
Theater, a ten session residency in Canoga Park beginning on May 1st!  
Informaion and applications can be found at  The residency is filling up fast, so if 
you're interested send an application soon...

For more information about shadow play and Gamelan music activities, don't 
forget to check the schedule page at   
Well that's it on the eRelease for right now.  I will be in touch again 
soon.  Take care.

Best wishes,

Maria Bodmann
Ph: 818/837-9485
Fax: 801/904-6509

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