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Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2004 10:33:08 -0400
Subject: PUPT: The Terror within the Excitement

Hi All,

I know, a weird title to the thread, but it kind of describes the mood
at Renaissance Artist Puppet Company. This year we decided
to test the Waters of Festival Programming.  We know that the
to perform at festivals is very fierce and that Festival budgets are
tight, so we were not entirely surprised when we did not get accepted by
the North Eastern Festival.

But...  We were thrilled when we heard from the performance committee of
South Eastern Festival, that our production of "Alice Through the
Glass" had been chosen.  

I have taught at many Festivals, and this will be no exception, so my
schedule probably won't allow for to much worrying once we get down
We are very confident about the way our show has shaped up but, as I
think is
pretty normal, a little nervous about so many of our professional peers
it at the same time. We are looking at this as both an opportunity to
feed back from other professionals about our work and hopefully to have
a blast doing the show.

I welcome any tips from those of you who have had this privilege in the 
past and look forward to being on the same program list with some of my 
personal favorites.  Just had to share this exciting news before I burst
something worse.

Hope everyone is experiencing a prosperous and happy year.


K. Elizabeth Evans, Artistic Director
Renaissance Artist Puppet Company

Puppeteers of America
Mid Atlantic Regional Director 2001/03
We provide Puppet Theatre performances and Art Residency programs.
We can build your Puppets, Props, and Mascots.

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