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Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 00:55:45 EDT
Subject: Re: PUPT: Re: National Day of Puppetry

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> As a designated day, National Day of Puppetry has been the fourth Saturday 
> in April, for the six years it has been held.  However, not every guild or 
> area holds their National Day of Puppetry event on that day.

I've been telling audiences it's National Puppet Week next week.  We're doing 
a show for kids at Phoenix Children's Hospital on Monday, followed by the 
Phoenix Guild of Puppetry presenting a puppet to every child.  We've also brought 
in Magical Moonshine Theater for 5 days, starting Wednesday, with shows for 
family audiences, and another for adults.  Saturday we have a whole bunch of 
things planned including a Puppet Parade with prizes for giant puppet entries.  
For details, go to and click on National Day.  

We might all be better off if we can declare a National Puppet Month.  

Nancy Smith
Great Arizona Puppets, Phoenix Guild of Puppetry and

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