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Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 17:28:13 -0500
Subject: invitation for virtual participation

Hi all,

Some of are doing a couple sessions on cyberfeminisms for the "Third
International Crossroads in Cultural  Studies Conference  21 - 25 June
2000, Birmingham, UK "
The abstracts for our sessions (4.1 and 4.12) are available at :
[click on the sessions 4.1 and 4.12.]

I invite your virtual participation in the interactive forum on
"cyberfeminisms" at

I will fwd the abstracts by email to the lists as well and for those who
prefer list interaction - feel free to discuss via these lists as well -
all this, you can be sure, will feed into our presentations onsite and
in the final papers we write (your contributions will be acknowledged
and the sources cited etc...)



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