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Subject: [Fwd: Culture Machine, Issue 2 (2000)]

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Subject: Culture Machine, Issue 2 (2000)
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 08:46:56 +0000
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The University Culture Machine

Edited by Gary Hall  and Simon Wortham


Jacques Derrida, ‘Intellectual Courage’

J. Hillis Miller, 'Stay! Speak, Speak. I Charge Thee, Speak'

Geoffrey Bennington, ‘Frontiers: Of Literature and Philosophy’

Diane Elam, ‘Why Read?’

Stephen Jarvis, ‘Belonging without Belonging: Deconstruction, Literature
and the Institution’

Graham MacPhee, ‘Beautiful Knowledge, or, Reproducing the University
Again? Walter Benjamin and the Institution of  Knowledge’

Henry A. Giroux, ‘Cultural Politics and the Crisis of the University’

Ted Striphas, ‘Banality, Book Publishing, and the Everyday Life of
Cultural Studies’

Samuel Weber, ‘The Future of the Humanities: Experimenting’

David Kolb, ‘Hypertext as Subversive?’

Simon Wortham, ‘RAEilty’

Culture Machine welcomes original, unpublished, unsolicited submissions
on any aspect of culture and theory. Anyone with material they would
like to submit for publication is invited to contact:

Culture Machine c/o Dave Boothroyd and Gary Hall
School of Law, Arts and Humanities
University of Teesside
Borough Road



Call for Contributions

Culture Machine 3:
'Virologies: Culture and Contamination'

Edited by Dave Boothroyd and Diane Morgan

Culture Machine is currently seeking to publish work undertaken from a
variety of perspectives and disciplinary bases,
which addresses or proposes analyses of culture, cultural ‘phenomena’,
‘forms’, ‘practices’ and ‘events’, in relation to
theorizations of the nature/culture distinction and the ideas of the
human informed by post- and anti-humanist thinking.
technology as evolution; wetware/software/hardware: rethinking evolution
and developments in bio-sciences; AIDS and
the cultural imagination; psychoanalysis in post-human times; cultural
transmission and pedagogy; cultural studies as
resistance; cultural immunologies; viral communications;
cross-culturalism as 'infection', cultural mutations and the
evolution of hybridities;  purity and contamination in
post-anthropological thought; bodies, foreign bodies and anti-bodies:
new ideas of the counter-cultural; mutation vs. progress: the politics
of adaptation

Contributions, on such themes as those above and other related topics
suitable for this edition, in the form of original
finished articles, critical engagements with relevant key texts,
multi-media or hypertext  pieces and critical reviews, or
abstracts (of work in progress),  may be sent simultaneously to:,

All contributions will be peer-reviewed; all correspondence will be
responded to.

For more information, visit the Culture Machine site at:

Please feel free to forward this mail.

Culture Machine: Generating Research in Culture and Theory
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