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Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 07:46:34 -0500
Subject: musings' dreamstream cream our

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musings' dreamstream cream our coffee reverie once paint upon time picture
yesterdaze when coffee and now herb tea and tomorrow? travel unravel furl
unfurl honestly dawn it would be complete dreamstream creamy warmth-cooled
deliciousness liquid hot truth perform per-form divine through form exude
for our duration dissolve its spell dispelled after itswaywave curve swerve
life-swept arc-wound is done been gone vanish fade forth zero null void of
clarity voices crystal counter opposite inexactitude at play display replay
distant cool the hot fluxive energies field mof synergies ripen off the
tree in the warm summer evening wind South Land beckons memories haunt
death reel unreel project resolute future fro' mouth the South its past
lives darken with sadnesses tragedy potency romance island ancient
inaccuracy abound in code their bodies sweat the stress-torn torques wire
string pluck 'n' strum rails hum a plum in the abstract delicacy fragile
frailty delight shimmer a glimmer its scope reluctantly expectantly opens
afraid determined hesitant desirous apprehensive inevitable unsure
ultimately faithful in its plunge irretrievable unbelievable belief and
grief endure lifetides ebony flower it could be anything at all our call we
could climb rhyme rhythms schisms prisms busted isms we could crime the
walls 'n' falls tumble spray off the main waters gravity torrents multiple
mass volume turned way up-churned yearned burned by ice ice-burned hot the
cool skipped past emerging whatever needs from seeds past futures eternal
dimension swallow foams the surge sung said danced chanced precised
proxy-mated splayed brought t' gather up itselves in the wind up the rowed
t' weave tone muse 'n' twelve voice our bodies co-align we could invite 6
billion sisters and brothers answering their hearts' invitations our hearts
received through the eons take me slow and gentle enter Spring and Summer
from our vibrational sanctuaries pro-seed 'n' sow forth alwritely evolve
gradual 'n' spontaneous intuit into it nice 'n' easy breeze bias polarity
confession/prayer visual eyes view contrast welcomemingleamlinks prepare
times song pluralness detail entail flighttimes gatherings ourselves the
crew expansive time canvas rather than too quick stress vote voltage
current resist release relief dynamic imbalance challenge evolve resolve
partiality its nerves tingle sprinkle Spring rains now the mist our walks
through the woods through the words vent poof!



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