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Subject: "Writing Diasporas" 20-23 September 2000 (fwd)

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Subject: "Writing Diasporas" 20-23 September 2000

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Announcement and Call for Papers for an international,
multidisciplinary conference:

                         WRITING DIASPORAS :
Axial Writers, Plural Literacies, Transnational Imagination

                         University of Wales Swansea
                         September 20-23, 2000

... on the role of travelling and translating writers, artists and
intellectuals in the cultural politics of diasporas and nations.

Main sponsors: the "Transnational Communities Research 
Programme" (Economic and Social Research Council UK),
with "Re-inventing Britain" (The British Council & Arts Council 
of England). 

Details at:

CALL FOR PAPERS in six strands (deadline: 06.06.00):

"Axial Writers" - Convenor: John McLeod 

"Online Diasporas" - Convenor: Marie Gillespie

"Marketing Ethnicity" - Convenor: Sujala Singh

"Transnational Cinema" - Convenor: Deniz Göktürk

"Performance, Poetry and Song" - Convenor: John Goodby

"Plural Literacies and Policy" - Convenor: Tom Cheesman


*Multilingual Community Publishing in the UK
*The Politics of Literary Translation
*Re-inventing Wales? Nation, Migration, Imagination

PLUS workshops for practitioners in cultural policy and
in multilingual community writing and translation,
exhibitions, readings by local and visiting writers,
literally diverse literary/social events...

General enquiries: <> or 
Fax UK+1792 295710


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