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Subject: Journal of Consumer Culture - Call for papers
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 08:10:27 -0500

>From: G Ritzer, D Slater - Journal of Consumer Culture
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>Subject: [cultstud-l] Journal of Consumer Culture - Call for papers
>Members of this list may be interested in submitting papers to this new
>                                  **CALL for PAPERS**
>                              JOURNAL OF CONSUMER CULTURE
>George Ritzer, University of Maryland
>Don Slater, Goldsmiths College, University of London
>The JOURNAL OF CONSUMER CULTURE is a major new journal designed to
>and promote the dynamic expansion in interdisciplinary research on
>consumption and consumer culture. The goal is both to provide an outlet
>for current thinking and debate and, more importantly, to open up new
>areas of exploration. Global in perspective and drawing on both theory
>empirical research, the journal reflects the need to engage critically
>with modern consumer culture and to understand its central role in
>contemporary social processes.
>The JOURNAL OF CONSUMER CULTURE brings together articles from the many
>social sciences and humanities in which consumer culture has become a
>significant focus. It also engages with overarching contemporary
>perspectives on social transformation, all of which give unprecedented
>importance to consumption in understanding social processes at both
>and global levels.
>The JOURNAL OF CONSUMER CULTURE covers a wide range of topics relating
>consumer culture to issues such as:
>* globalization * shopping and marketing * the body * ecommerce and the
>information society * social divisions of gender, class, sexuality and
>ethnicity * commodification * aestheticisation and virtuality * science
>and technology studies * environmental critiques * popular and material
>culture * identity * taste, style and fashion * classical and
>social theory * economic sociology * work * production and design *
>and cultural consumption *
>Editorial Board:
>Zygmunt Bauman, University of Leeds
>Pierre Bourdieu, College de France
>Mark Granovetter, Stanford University
>Douglas Kellner, UCLA
>Angela McRobbie, Goldsmiths College University of London
>Daniel Miller, University College London
>Viviana Zelizer, Princeton University
>Sharon Zukin, CUNY
>Advisory Board:
>Arjun Appadurai, University of Chicago
>Russel Belk, University of Utah
>Colin Campbell, York University
>Allison Clarke, Royal College of Art
>Dan Cook, University of Illinois-Champaign
>Gary Cross, Pennsylvania State University
>Pasi Falk, University of Helsinki
>Ben Fine, SOAS, University of London
>Gary A. Fine, Northwestern University
>Eva Illouz, Tel Aviv University
>Mark Gottdiener, SUNY, Buffalo
>Victoria de Grazia, Columbia University
>Sut Jhally, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
>Stephen Kline, Simon Fraser University
>Michele Lamont, Princeton University
>Celia Lury, Goldsmiths College, London University
>Peter Lunt, University College London
>Michel Maffesoli, Sorbonne
>Frank Mort, University of East London
>Chandra Mukerji, University of California
>Mica Nava, University of East London
>Per Ostergaard, Odense University
>Elspeth Probyn, University of Sydney
>Juliet Schor, Harvard University
>Nigel Thrift, Bristol University
>Melanie Wallendorf, University of Arizona
>Richard Wilk, University of Indiana
>Elizabeth Wilson, University of North London
>Alan Warde, Manchester University
>The JOURNAL OF CONSUMER CULTURE invites contributions for early issues.
>Deadline for submissions for the first issue (June 2001) is September
>Five copies of the manuscript should be submitted, typed, double-spaced
>one side of the page only. This should be accompanied by a disk with the
>file in Word or WordPerfect. The length should not normally exceed 8000
>words. Each submission will be refereed anonymously by at least two
>referees. The journal uses the Harvard system of referencing with the
>author's name and date in the text and a full bibliography in
>order at the end of the article.
>Contributions should be submitted to:
>Professor George Ritzer
>Department of Sociology
>University of Maryland-College Park, College Park,
>MD 20742, USA
>Don Slater
>Department of Sociology
>Goldsmiths College, University of London, New
>Cross, London SE14 6NW, UK
>Sage Publications Ltd
>6 Bonhill Street
>London, EC2A 4PU
>Tel: +44 (0)171 330 1266
>Fax: +44 (0) 171 374 8741
>Sage website:
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