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Subject: [Fwd: [cultstud-l] Short contributions wanted - Media and cities]

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Radhika Gajjala


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Subject: [cultstud-l] Short contributions wanted - Media and cities
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The websites and
are launching a new web project about the city and 
(post)modern life -- and gender and sexualities
and media culture -- the usual stuff! -- called 

Within this will be a section where we want people
to contribute a few lines about one movie, song, book,
music track, TV show, comic or other slice of media
culture which they think reflects THE CITY or
CITY LIFE in an engaging, interesting or novel way.

[City life is interpreted here in the very broadest
sense... Anything which is meaningful to you won't
be disputed!]

If you could contribute between 50 and 200 words
for this, that would be great. All good contributions 
will be included.

These websites get around 14,000 visitors a month
so your work *will* be seen!

If you also wish to include a biographical note
about who you are (i.e. who contributed the piece)
-- max 50 words -- that would be great too.

Please forward this to any relevant people or
lists. Many thanks.

Best wishes

Dr David Gauntlett, University of Leeds +

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