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Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 08:08:51 -0400
Subject: Email worm going around (fwd)

fyi -

I myself have recd at least ten of these since friday (messages that I did
not open, luckily, since i found them suspicious) and they come in different
languages too.


>There's an email worm making its rounds, and you may have already seen
>it. I think it affects only Windows (not mac or unix) machines.  It
>comes as a message with an attachment--the subject of the mail is the
>same as the name of the attachment.  The body of the message will read
>something like this:
>Hi! How are you?
>I send you this file in order to have your advice
>See you later. Thanks
>That middle line can vary, but the first and last lines are always the
>same.  Obviously, DON'T OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. Full information and
>description can be found at:
>Aside from mailing itself to everyone you know, with randomly selected
>file from your filesystem as an attachment, its other effects are to
>fill up your hard drive or (on next October 16th) recursively delete
>everything on your C drive.
>I've received about four copies of this so far; Norton Antivirus and
>other virus-programs will detect and remove the virus, and (if they're
>protecting your email) will delete the infected attachment before it
>gets to you, but if your virus software is not up to date, and you've
>received mail like this, and clicked on the attachment, chances are that
>your computer is infected.
>John Unsworth
Radhika Gajjala
fax: 419-372-9841



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