File spoon-archives/sa-cyborgs.archive/sa-cyborgs_2001/sa-cyborgs.0110, message 2

Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 06:30:11 -0500
Subject: There Once Was a Chariot 

There once was a chariot


and waiting
the world revolved around it
not vice versa

in all its glory

indecision halted
the driver not driving

but the archer
oh, yes, the archer

blue-skinned wisdom shone forth
many-armed, many-faced
writhing in liberation

one day all the world at war
spun and spun

but the chariot sat motionless
in peaceful agony

an eternity of now

but now, it changed

began to move

because eternity was an illusion

rejoicing again and again

[c 2001 thomas fortenberry.  many thanks to the bhagavad-gita]


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